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Dress Code

Our dress code was adopted by our staff for the purpose of improving the quality of our students' dance education. By making dancewear simple and uniform, instructors can more clearly see students' bodies and therefore make more accurate corrections regarding positions and movements. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Knee pads are required in all Lyrical, Jazz & Hip Hop classes.


Solid black leotard with pink tights and pink ballet or pointe shoes. Black ballet skirts are allowed.

Black leotard with pink, black or suntan convertible tights and tan lyrical shoes. Black boy shorts or "Nike" style shorts are allowed.

Solid black leotard. Black, pink or suntan tights are acceptable. (Tights may be convertible and worn with or without socks.) Black jazz shoes and black tap shoes are required. Black "Nike" style shorts, boy shorts or black jazz pants will be allowed in tap or jazz classes.

Black leotard with pink, black or suntan convertible tights and tan character shoes. Black boy shorts or "Soffe" style shorts are allowed.

Solid black leotard and black gym shorts are accepted. Tights are optional but must be convertible or footless. No shoes please.

Solid black leotard. Black, pink or suntan tights are acceptable. Black Hip Hop shoes are required. Black "Nike" style shorts, boy shorts, black jazz pants or black sweat pants will be allowed.

It is requested that some type of "cover-up" be worn to and from the studio for all classes.

Please note that LEOTARDS (not "camisole tops") are required for all classes. Absolutely no T-shirts, sweatshirts, midriff tops, etc. will be allowed in class (unless special permission is given by the instructor)

Should be secured up and away from the face for all classes. Ponytail, French braids, buns, etc. for long hair – short hair must also be pulled back on the sides and fastened with barrettes away from the face. Loose hair inhibits the students' movement and placement.

Covid-19 Compliant

We comply with all Government recommendatoins regarding Covid-19.

Dropping A Class

If a student drops out of a class, at any time of the year, the instructor and office staff need to be informed so that parents will not be required to pay the next month's tuition and so that the parent and teacher can discuss any problems that may have prompted the drop-out.


To avoid distractions, Parents are not allowed to attend classes except on those days set aside as "Visitor's Days". We will have "Visitor's Weeks" during the month of December. Parents are then invited to come and see the progress their child has made. I would like to remind all students that friends are only allowed to visit class with prior permission by Instructor.

Missed Days

Instructors are aware that many of our students are involved in sports activities at school and there are times when dance classes must be missed. However, any student missing more than one week in a row will be expected to discuss with the instructors alternative make-up days for the missed classes.


Please drive cautiously around the Studio at all times and be considerate of the other businesses when parking. Parents, please remind your children to remain inside the studio before class and until picked up. They are not allowed to stand outside or to leave the studio once they have been dropped off for classes.

Prompt Pickup

We appreciate the fact that all of you have busy schedules and understand when your "taxi service" runs a little behind, however, please make every effort to get your child to class on time and to pick up promptly from the last classes of the day as the instructors need to get home to their families when expected!


Call (251) 343-9544. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please try to reach us in the morning hours (before classes begin) or call the office with a message for us to return your call after class hours. We try to avoid being pulled out of class if at all possible!

We shall be bound by the necessity of constant study. Knowing that dance is living art.

– Dance Masters of Ameria

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