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Learn Dance. Improve Technique.

Our emphasis is on dance as a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of any student interested in the art of dance. Great care and individual attention is given in nurturing the abilities of each student to their fullest potentials. Our goal is to help each student strive for personal excellence, and learn to be self-confident and self-disciplined.

NEW Dance Students

We welcome new students of all ages! Find the classes you're interested in, register online, stop by the studio on registration dates, or call the studio at: (251) 343-9544.

2 Year Olds: Tip-Toes & Tumbling

Learn introduction to Ballet, Tumbling skills, Musicality and FUN! A 45 minute class.

3 – 5 Years Olds

Ballet, Tap and Tumbling available for this age.

6 – 8 Years Olds

This age is eligible for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Acrobatics.

9 & Up

This age range is eligible for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acrobatics and...
• Lyrical – ballet based class with contemporary style music and interpretive movement
• Character (9 & up) – a broadway style class that empasizes facial expression and builds confidence
• Pointe – classes are offered for appropriate age and experienced (usually 11 & up)
• Teens Turns, Leaps & Progressions (intermediate/ advanced skills required)


Note! Older students will be placed in classes by instructors only. Placement is based on technique, ability, work ethic and commitment. Not based solely on age, number of years of training or friendships. Our goal is to always challenge the most advanced dancer in each class.

We are committed to educational excellence and dedicated to developing compassion, creativity and respect in each of our dancers.

Learn Dance. Improve Technique.