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About Us

Our Professional and Experienced Teaching Staff

Both "Miss Gale" and "Miss Buffy" are graduates of Dance Masters of America's Dance Teacher Training Program at Kent State University. Members of Dance Masters of America, Professional Dance Teachers Association and Louisiana State Dance Masters. Dance Masters of America is the only organization that certifies dancers to teach through extensive testing. "Miss Gale" and "Miss Buffy" are looking forward to sharing their many years of experience and love of dance with their students for the studio's 39th year!

"Miss Gale" Frey, Director

Dance Masters Instructor
"Miss Buffy" Covington, Co-Director

Professional Dance Instructor

"Miss Danielle" DeBardeleben

"Miss Danielle" has trained for 23 years. Her excellent technique and unlimited patience make her an outstandin instructor challenging and motivating all of her dancers. She is also a Kindergar-ten Teacher at W.C. Griggs Elementary.

dance choreographer

"Miss Shelby" Covington

"Miss Shelby" has studied dance for 22 years. While demanding their best from each of her students "Miss Shelby" has an amazing ability to compliment the star in each of them developing poise, grace and confidence in our dancers

dance instructor
"Miss Hannah" Franklin

"Miss Hannah" has danced for 20 years. Combining her passions for dance and fitness, she shares her belief that through training, hard work and healthy living, students can accomplish anything they desire.

dance choreographer

Our instructors not only stress skills in dancing, but social development and effective interaction between pupils and teachers. Our goal is to help students to strive for personal excellence, to be self-confident and self-disciplined. We believe the study of dance develops life skills which can be used in any professional or recreational endeavor.

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